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300hr Yoga Teacher Training

Grace Tree Yoga Studio - West Chester, Ohio

January 2022

Meet Your Course Teachers


Kim Ambika Dawes, Lead Instructor

ERYT500, REIKI MASTER, Asana Teaching and Class Refinements Teacher

Kim (Ambika) Dawes is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher deeply rooted in yoga philosophy, energetics, vinyasa, yin and restorative styles of yoga. Her passion is to keep the original traditions of yoga in the classroom and in her teacher trainings creatively. Kim is passionate and nurturing as she holds space for and gently guides her students to grow in the direction that is right for them. She believes everyone has a divine gift to share and encourages each aspirant, future teacher to be true to themselves and to their style of teaching. Teaching yoga practitioners and yoga teachers is truly what she loves best… to empower her students to embody yoga in their own creative style, in their own life and to move forward with clarity and purpose.

Kim has also taught yoga and lead trainings for corporations such as GE and Proctor and Gamble focusing on yoga for stress management, productivity and well-being; meditation practices in natural and accessible ways. Stress-management through a consistent yoga practice and bringing balance into life as a teacher is also essential and she weaves this beautifully into her trainings. Building a regenerative and abundant yoga teaching business is also one of her strengths as she has integrated her precise business, networking and marketing skills into her trainings. 


Lila Lolling, Lead Instructor

ERYT500, YACEP, IAYT - Bhagavad Gita & Yoga Philosophy Main Instructor

Lila Lolling ERYT500, YACEP, IAYT is an accomplished and passionate yoga teacher, practitioner, and author. She has over 20 years experience studying yoga with monks from the Saraswati lineage of Yogis. Lila has been teaching yoga philosophy, meditation, and spirituality around the globe for decades.


She has been featured in leading yoga magazines for her social justice work, and in 2018 Lila was invited to be a presenter at the United Nations on their International Day of Yoga. She is known for her joyful and light-hearted presentation style and her passion for inspiring others to live their best life. 

Lila is also a teacher on Insight Timer meditation and yoga app. She offers ecoyoga retreats and advanced teacher trainings virtually and in-person. For more information, please visit


Prem Sadasivananda, Acharya

Bhagavad Gita Guest Teacher

Prem Sadasivananda, a scholar of Vedantic Philosophy, Hindu Scripture and Sanskrit, is well-known for his lively and humorous talks, his accessible teaching style and his unique ability to bring the ancient Yogic scriptures and texts to life in the modern world.

A true life-coach, he has drawn on a deep knowledge and years of practice of Yoga to create popular courses on Meditation, Positive Thinking, and Anger Management and Relationships. A trained musician, his Satsangs and Kirtan (chanting) are uplifting, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Prem Sadasivananda started his path in the Sivananda Organization where he served for over 24 years as a sannyasi. He served as the Director of the Sivananda Center in New York City from 2003 to 2014 and the London Center from 1990 to 2003.  

Known for his skill at making Vedantic philosophy to applicable to everyday life, he has taught hundreds of Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses for the Sivananda Organization at their Centers and Ashrams throughout the world.

Prem Sadasivananda is a direct and long-term disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, the disciple of Swami Sivananda and through his teachings of Yoga and Vedanta he continues his service by helping others in their spiritual pursuits. 

Prem Sadasivananda strives to provide loving and gentle guidance, perspective and inspiration for all levels of spiritual aspirants in search of a deeper purpose in life.

Jen Wright.jpg

Jennifer Jyoti Wright-Schneeman, Guest Teacher

ERYT500 - Trauma-informed Yoga & Teaching Strategies

Jen Wright is a founding partner at Real Human Performance and specializes in stress management, performance optimization and resiliency training. Jen serves those that serve. She spent over a decade as a Science, Engineering, Tech Advisor with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Defense Sciences Office and later as a Deputy at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Performance Wing. 

After working in a post–9/11 environment, Jen leaned into yogic wisdom for her own resilience and healthful coping skills. These experiences and freedom sparked the research and integration of alternative medicine practices personally and professionally. Jen secured grants to further the clinical understanding and outcomes of mindbody interventions. Since 2011 she has directed local programs and championed cutting-edge yoga, breath, meditation and resilience research on addiction recovery, chronic stress, trauma recovery and chronic pain.

On the therapeutic side, Jen instructs evidenced-based, mindbody programs across Cincinnati at outpatient and residential centers related to posttraumatic growth from PTSD, brain injury, stress-related disorders and/or substance abuse recovery. Specifically, she launched yoga therapy protocols in Cincinnati at innovative treatment centers like Hotel California by the Sea and as a VA Research Associate, she instructs trauma-informed programs across Cincinnati VA facilities, including clinical research trials at VA Medical Center Trauma Recovery Center (residential PTSD and TBI programs), substance abuse recovery facilities for veterans in transition and outpatient programs for VA Mental Health Care, Women’s Health and Hamilton County Veterans Treatment Court. Recently this programming was expanded to Juvenile Court and residential treatment programs for at-risk youth at the Hamilton County Youth Center and the court diversion program, Hillcrest Academy. 

On the performance side, Jen facilitates evaluation studies of self-care and resilience protocols for groups of mental health professionals as well as cognitive and mental strengths training to law enforcement, first responders, NFL franchises and to the corporate athletes of industry.  She also instructs reintegration programs for the military on stress management and self-care. 

Yogic teachings are the foundation for all of this work. Every year Jen presents the data outcomes at professional research conferences like the American Academy of Health Behavior and International Society of Traumatic Stress. The work and personal stories are also featured across local news outlets and nationally with the Huffington Post and NPR. 


Jen is a certified Yoga Therapist through International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and a registered yoga teacher, E-RYT500 through Yoga Alliance. 


Anna Furderer, Guest Teacher

ERYT500 - Yoga for Addiction & Recovery

Anna is an RYT 500.  She is trained in power vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, meditation and Gentle Yoga.  Her passion is teaching Yoga for the mind, as she likes to incorporate yoga philosophy and ethics with day-to-day right living.  Anna is also a certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach, and combining yoga with life coaching principles is a passion for her.  Anna discovered her yoga practice when entering into recovery for substance abuse back in 2015.  She quickly knew that supporting people (whether in addiction recovery or not) through mindful living was her calling.  Anna is also a wife and mother of two boys.  WHen she’s not in the yoga studio, she LOVES to take her yoga practice outdoors to the trails. 



Weekend Explanation:

Anna will be leading a weekend all about yoga and the mind. In her studies of addiction & yoga - ’the addicted mind versus the seeker’s mind’ she has written her own program to share with you during this immersion.  We are ALL recovering from SOMETHING...this will be an impactful weekend to learn how to rise above fear by using your higher, discerning mind to tackle old patterns and beliefs about yourself and your life circumstances. 


Jill Conyers, Guest Teacher

ERYT500 - Ayurveda & Physiology

More details about Jill coming soon.

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